At Wellbeing in Schools we are passionate about making a difference


We work in Primary and Secondary schools delivering Wellbeing to children aged 3 – 18 years of age


We train professionals in our unique programme to take Wellbeing into Schools in a practical and accessible way


We have created a nurturing environment where we support one another in our shared vision of making a difference to every child’s life

Why Wellbeing in Schools is different

We are passionate about making a real difference to children’s lives and we do this through our cross curricular approach, using models such as Building Learning Power and the Growth Mind Set. We ensure each session is relevant to your children’s learning, so that they can apply the techniques to their everyday lives.

Katie Jones

Managing Director

Sally Russell

Education Director

Our Sessions

Our sessions are fun, imaginative and very creative. We can tailor each session to fully incorporate the curriculum topic and have been on adventures with EYFS and KS1 to visit the Vikings, creatures under the sea, mini beasts down at the bottom of the garden, Ancient Greeks and we’ve even been to visit the Victorians!

KS2 are taught key skills from the PSHCE curriculum, including team work, respecting others, celebrating variety, friendships and self esteem.

All children are taught a range of skills that enable them to initially identify when they are feeling anxious and stressed so that they can then apply one of many strategies to help them self regulate.

Through breathing techniques, yoga, mindfulness and meditation, the children will develop their own toolkit of practical strategies to help them cope in the ever changing world in which we now live.

How the brain works

We believe it is central to the children’s ability to manage stress and anxiety, that they have a clear understanding of how the brain works. Using the Triune Brain theory we teach children about the flight, fright and freeze response and what impact this has on their own bodies.


Depending on the children’s ages, we explore themes using story-based yoga stories for the younger children and flowing sequences for the older children and teens. The yoga is fun, explorative, builds strength and stamina and develops flexibility. As well as the physical benefits, yoga also teaches the children to be aware of their bodies and how they are feeling in the present moment.


The children are taught how to meditate using guided visualisations that allow their bodies and minds to relax and switch off. Children are provided with a blanket and eye pillow to make their meditation experience all the more enjoyable.

“I love it when we get to lie down with the blankets and pillows. I feel so relaxed”

Positive Affirmations

The children are taught how to use positive affirmations to help them raise their self esteem and self belief. Fun games are played to explore how we feel about ourselves and how a positive approach can have such a big impact on how we live our lives.

Our Results Speak for themsleves!

The children love the Wellbeing in Schools sessions and they really look forward to their next opportunity to practise yoga and meditation.

We are delighted to have supported a number of schools in incorporating Wellbeing as part of their curriculum, ensuring it is a fully integrated approach and not just an added on extra. With these schools we are truly seeing a difference to the children utilising the strategies in their every day lives, in the classroom, in the playground and on sports field.

We also run Staff Wellbeing sessions to ensure that every member of staff is able to support themselves in dealing with stress and anxiety and also support the children too.

Rated OUTSTANDING by a leading Oxfordshire Prep School

What The Schools Say


Best practice recruitment and safeguarding is number one priority for Wellbeing in Schools. We carry out thorough safeguarding checks and follow up all references before accepting anyone onto our team.

We have set very high entry criteria to becoming a Wellbeing in Schools teacher to  ensure we have the best people delivering to your children. All our teachers must meet our entry requirements:

  • Successfully completed Wellbeing in Schools Training
  • 1 year minimum experience working in a school
  • Full DBS and reference checks
  • Safeguarding training
  • Completed or working towards 200 hour yoga teacher training
  • Completed Children’s Yoga training
  • Regular personal yoga and meditation practice

Safety is our number one priority and as such we have very thorough safer recruitment processes. We ensure all our teachers have been through full DBS checks, have all references checked and have completed our own in house safeguarding training.

When selecting Wellbeing in Schools teachers, the values of each individual are as important as their skills and experience. We ensure that everyone involved in Wellbeing in Schools, all share the same values that yoga, meditation, mindfulness should be accessible to all, whilst delivering to the highest standards.

We ensure that everyone who works with us has had previous experience of working with children. We understand the importance of ensuring each teacher is able to deliver the session in an age appropriate and relevant way.

Your children’s health and wellbeing are our main priorities

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